A Story About the Volatility of a Codependent Friendship


The stories of Achy Obejas are already that proverbial something else, but perhaps there is none more Obejian, in that way, than her masterpiece, “Kimberle.”

Sexuality, nationality, gender, ethnicity and race all come together here in those everyday ways that they do in our lives, and then some. The then some is the way this is love story and thriller and horror and folktale and parable all at once, not in some foggy watercolor liminality but in the most stark sunlight and lighting and blood and bruise you can imagine. Obejas is the sort of writer whose gifts are so far beyond mine that the more I study her — I’ve been her reader for more than two decades, now — the more confused I am at how she builds it all. I don’t even get to ask my how does she do it? that the writer in me usually can’t let go of when I read. I lose myself too quickly in her dreams.

Read the rest of Porochista’s intoxicating write-up on Electric Lit.

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