Terrific review for The Tower of the Antilles in Booklist!

Issue: June 1, 2017
The Tower of the Antilles.
Obejas, Achy (Author)
Jul 2017. 160 p. Akashic, hardcover, $19.95. (9781617755392).
By turns searing and subtly magical, the stories in Obejas’s vividly imagined collection are propelled by her characters’ contradictory feelings about and unnerving experiences in Cuba. A Cuban American family visiting relatives on the island faces gaps in language, class, and expectations. A Cuban with a visa is paralyzed at the thought of all the Cubans who cannot leave. Some tales are charged with besieged eroticism and danger, as in “Kimberle,” in which a bookish woman gives shelter to a wild, suicidal woman who drives her to the very brink. In “Supermán,” Enrique becomes rich and famous for his seemingly mystical control over his enormous penis. For all the human tumult and deftly sketched and reverberating
historical and cultural contexts that Obejas incisively creates in these poignant, alarming tales, she also offers lyrical musings on the mysteries of the sea and the vulnerability of islands and the body. Obejas’s plots are ambushing, her characters startling, her metaphors fresh, her humor caustic, and her compassion potent in these intricate and haunting stories of displacement, loss, stoicism, and realization.
— Donna Seaman

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