PAPI reviewed in Newcity

Jac Jemc reviewed Papi for Newcity Lit, and included some of Achy’s impressions of translating Indiana’s novel:

“Language with such pulse and intensity, easily traceable to the author’s roots as musician, might pose a challenge for a lesser translator. Obejas, a Cuban-American writer well-regarded for her own prose who’s proven her Dominican Spanish translation skills with Junot Diaz’s last two books, says that the lyricism was where she derived the most pleasure while working on this project. ‘Making all that crazy imagery and the rhythm of that voice work,’ she says, ‘there were some real eureka moments in that. There’s always a challenge when there’s code-switching, but this time it wasn’t that.’ Obejas compliments Indiana’s openness in the process, as well: ‘She was great—helpful and responsive, but not intrusive. She totally got that the translation was its own thing.'”

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