Praise for PAPI!

People are talking about Rita Indiana’s Papi, translated by Achy Obejas!

  • Indiana/Papi was praised by Dominican-born artist Jorge Pineda at Literary Hub as an inspiration for his own work: “Indiana is from the Dominican Republic and is I think, for me, the best novelist in the last twenty years. If you want to understand Dominican society today you have to read her books, in particular Papi, a journey about a young girl becoming an adult. This book offered a lot of images that I think at some point I use in my works.”
  • Papi was reviewed at Shelf Awareness: “In this rhythmic and feverish novel, it’s hard to tell where fantasy ends and terrifying reality begins.”
  • Papi was noted in the Chicago Tribune’s book news column: “Papi: A Novel by Rita Indiana, translated by Achy Obejas, will be published by University of Chicago Press later this month. Papi follows an 8-year-old girl who waits for her dangerous, drug-dealing father to return from the United States to their native Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.”

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