Oct 16-18, Covering Cuba in an Era of Change, Columbia University

The Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University will be hosting an invitation-only conference

October 16-18, 2014, designed to deepen journalists’ reporting involving Cuba and Cuban-American

relations at a critical moment of transition. Achy will be joining a distinguished group of speakers to

discuss a wide range of issues.


“Covering Cuba in an Era of Change” will explore the country’s history and relationship to the United

States, recent shifts in public opinion, generational changes in Cuban-America immigrant communities,

economic factors, as well as current conflicts and policy debates. Sessions will focus on Cuba’s economy,

public health innovation in Cuba and abroad, human rights and free expression, environmental issues

and prospects for reform.


The conference will include expert briefings and panels by historians, scholars, economists, policymakers

and community leaders, as well as journalist-to-journalist discussions on innovations and challenges

involved in reporting on Cuba in this key period.


Confirmed speakers include: Marjorie Connelly, editor of Special Polling Projects for The New York

Times; John Coatsworth, Provost of Columbia University and leading scholar of Latin American

economic and international history; Jon Lee Anderson, staff writer, The New Yorker; Ann Louise

Bardach, author and journalist; Guillermo Grenier, professor of sociology and director of the Cuban

Research Institute, Florida Atlantic University; Peter Kornbluh, author and director, Cuba Documentation

Project; Achy Obejas, author and journalist; Louis A. Pérez, Jr., J. Carlyle Sitterson professor of history,

University of North Carolina and editor, Cuban Journal; Miriam Celaya, independent journalist and

blogger; Ted Henken, professor of sociology, Baruch College; Mirta Ojito, director of News Standards,

Telemundo; Rafael Betancourt, principal, Havanada Consulting; Marlén Sánchez, professor of

economics, University of Havana; Gail Reed, International Director of MEDICC; and many more yet to be


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