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How Cuba’s Bitter Sons Shut Down the U.S. Government

rubio cruz


Left out of all the thousands of words written about the GOP’s government shutdown, about the party’s nihilistic willingness to crash the world economy, about Republicans’ laser focus on obliterating the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was the fact that two of the poster boys for this suicide mission were the sons of Cuban exiles whose fears about socialism were willingly and willfully exploited by the radial Right.

Make no mistake: It’s the open wound of Fidel Castro’s revolution being poked at by Jim DeMint, the former South Carolina senator and mastermind behind the shutdown, that makes Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz do what they do.

Since taking over the Heritage Foundation, DeMint—who keeps a puppeteer’s hand in a big GOP political action committee, the Senate Conservatives Fund—has turned Heritage into a dagger aimed at the heart of anyone who questions his radical Right crusade. Deny DeMint’s bidding and you don’t just get defunded: Suddenly, there’s right-flank competition and attack ads before the campaigns even begin.

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