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Reviews: ‘Así es como la pierdes’ by Junot Díaz, translated by Achy Obejas

Así es como la pierdes, Achy’s translation into Spanish of Junot Díaz’s This is How You Lose Her, is now available!

Read some of these terrific reviews:

This review in Tarántula: Revista Cultural

“Vidas de tercera en países de primera” in El Mundo

“Vivir y amar en la ‘fokin’ tierra de primisión” on

“Junot Díaz: destrucción de la epopeya americana” on Koult


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Our gay marriage looks so familiar

Almost three years ago, my wife and I got married on a bright sunny Iowa afternoon in her parents’ backyard. Relatives had come from New York and Florida, clusters of friends caravanned from Chicago; one pal flew in from Brussels, a young friend, Rafa, called from Moscow to congratulate us.

Since then, we’ve celebrated anniversaries, bought a car together, sifted through health-care options, visited family, had a son. This is the thing about same-sex marriages and the families they create: we’re remarkably like every other kind of marriage, like every other kind of family.

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