Hate is in the air: LGBTQ setbacks

(Instagram/Clayton)Marchers in New York

(Instagram/Clayton)Marchers in New York

Sometimes, there are reminders. Indications that, yes, the arch of justice bends… and sometimes breaks.  Here we are, poised maybe before the queer equivalent of the Dred Scott decision at the Supreme Court (if anybody was listening to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the University of Chicago law school a few weeks back, you know the court’s rulings on DOMA/Prop 8 are not going to be Brown) and hate—individual, societal, institutional—can still rear its gnarly head and wreck a life or two or three.


*Earlier this month, a Texas judge enforced aso-called “morality clause” in the divorce decree between Carolyn Compton and her ex-husband, effectively destroying her current same-sex relationship. How’s that? Well, the clause, which is pretty common in Texas divorces though rarely enforced, demands that Compton—a grown woman—not be allowed to have anyone she’s dating or intimate with and who is not related by blood or marriage in her home after 9 p.m.

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