Raul Castro teases with retirement while lining up successor

Ramiro Valdes (L) is Raul Castro's most likely successor in Cuba (AP)

Ramiro Valdes (L) is Raul Castro’s most likely successor in Cuba (AP)

Raúl Castro, Cuba’s president for the last seven years (since 2006, though not officially until 2008) sent tongues a-wagging yesterday when he suggested that he’ll address his retirement on Sunday, during the National Assembly’s meeting, when the nation’s president will be selected.

“I’m going to retire,” the 81 year-old Cuban president told reporters, grinning.

And, of course, sparking wild speculation about what should be a pretty predictable government meeting, as nearly all the National Assembly meetings in Cuba have been since the Castros — Raúl and Fidel before him — came to power.

But anyone expecting anything other than routine tomorrow is bound to be disappointed.

Raul Castro is not going to retire on Sunday.

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