Obama chooses gay affirming Latino priest for inauguration

luis leon
President Barack Obama finally got it right: He picked another Cuban to participate in the inauguration, a gay-affirming Episcopal priestnamed Luis León. Miami has never loved Barack as much as it does these days, with two locals sharing the inaugural spotlight: León and poet Richard Blanco, the son of Cuban exiles and the first openly gay man to participate in these festivities.

But León won’t be making history, like Blanco, as the first Latino to give the blessing this time. That’s because he was the first Latino to give the blessing in 2005, for President George W. Bush.

That’s right: In his inauguration for a second term, after a campaign in which Bush explicitly and outrageously supported a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage, Bush — the evangelical and right wing fave — reached out to León, whose church has gay, non-celibate priests, once had a gay bishop, blesses same sex unions and ordains trans priests.

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