The NRA has a say even in your health care



Did you think the National Rifle Association had reached its nadir when it suggested that, no matter the costs, we should put an armed guard in every school in the nation? Did you think it was a bit much that the group thought to inject itself in education policy by providing a whole gun training regimen for schools?

Here’s another NRA policy that’s right there with that flash of genius, that’s far more intrusive, and one with which the group has had some success: The Firearm Owners Privacy Act — already passed in 2011 in Florida, the nation’s loony bin — would seek to ban physicians from asking patients about gun ownership and possession.

The act basically says that doctors can ask about smoking, drinking, drugs, physical abuse, caloric intake and any other health risk factor they can come up with, but not about firearm possession. Never mind that study after study shows that even law-abiding gun owners have a higher risk of death by gunshot if they keep their weapons at home.

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