Boehner’s implosion saves Obama


Just yesterday I was moaning about how President Barack Obama was about to give away the store — again — but thanks to John Boehner’s implosion, he’s been saved from himself.

In the meantime, we’ve been spared a possible Social Security cut and a few other unnecessary giveaways Obama had put on the negotiating table. At least for now.

Why did GOP Speaker of the House walk away from Obama’s deal? Well, maybe because conservative groups like Club for Growth, Heritage Foundation (Oh, Jim DeMint!), Freedom Works and every Tea Party club in the country was against a deal of any kind, especially if it involved raising taxes on at least two gazillionaires. Or maybe because Boehner removed a bunch of uncooperative right wingers from crucial committee posts just a few days ago — talk about bad timing! — and they decided it was payback time, making it impossible for the Speaker to get the necessary votes out of his own conference.

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